Formulated with high dose natural extracts to aid in portion control, block the absorption of carbs and fat, support a caloric deficit, aid in blood sugar regulation and healthy gut bacteria. 


My GoLean Calorie Curb is jam packaed with clinically proven Glucomannan, that fills up space in your stomach by absorbing water and expanding by up to 50 times its weight. A filled stomach results in the consumption of smaller food portions. 


This root also has the ability to block the absorption of fat and carbohydrates and in doing so further reduces the amount of calories available after consuming a meal. 


This aids in creating a calorie deficit which results in weightloss:

Colories in VS Calories out!


GLUCOMANNAN supports the growth of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. (Healhty Gut Bacteria)

My GoLean Thermo Boost 90 Caps