Formulated with natural extracts to enhance white fat metabolism, activate brown fat, sustain energy levels, and aid in muscle retention and recovery.


My GoLean Thermo Boost is formulated with most effective daily dose of Grains of Paradise. This dose is clinically proven to transforms your energy storing white fat cells into energy burning brown fat cells, increasing energy expenditure and boosting your weight loss efforts.
This ingredient is naturally loaded with phytonutrients. These include things like terpenoids, alkaloids, flavonoids, and tannins. Aids with intestinal distress and inflammation.


My GoLean THERMO BOOST activates brown fat! Brown Fat Iis the fat used for diet and cold-induced thermogenesis, maintaining your body’s normal temperature when exposed to cold. The technical term for this is “non-shivering thermogenesis.”Brown fat cells are comprised of smaller diameter cells, containing several smaller fat droplets compared to the one massive droplet that’s found in white fat. An added benefit to brown fat is that it can use blood sugar (glucose) and fats for energy, leading to improved lipid levels and glucose metabolism.


Motivates you to move. Provides you with energy, mental focus, enhanced muscle endurance and aids in recovery.




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Formulated with herbal actives to aid in detox, boosts energy levels, curb cravings and elevate the base metabolic rate.


GoLean Daily Drops targets weight loss in 2 ways:


1. Slimming: Select herbal actives work synergistically to induce thermo-genesis, lower appetite and control habitual snacking.


2. Detox: Potent natural ingredients aid to cleanse the body by stimulating digestion and circulation. Its digestive actions may serve to cleanse the build-up of waste and toxins in the colon, liver, and other organs. An increased intake of water aids this process.



Thermo Boost 90 Caps + Daily Drops 50ml

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    Take 1 capsule, with a FULL glass of water, Before meals, *Up to 3x daily *last dose before 17h.

    By spreading out the dose throughout the day you are maximizing the time that GoLean is working!

    For best results add 25 drops of My GoLean Daily Drops to the 250ml water when taking your dose of My GoLeanThermo Boost.



    Add 25 Drops,  to 250ml water, 3 x daily.


    WARNING: DO NOT USE this product if you are pregnant, breast feeding or epileptic. Consult a medical doctor if you suffer from any chronic illness before using this product. 

    Keep out of reach of Children. Store below 25˚C out of direct sunlight.