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for your efforts!

Product sales = Points = Rewards

You have until 25 April '22 to earn as many points as possible.

Claim your rewards between 26 April - 1 May 2022

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Register for the program

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

BioDermal Skin Tech – Incentives – Terms and Conditions:

Hereunder, BioDermal Skintech shall refer to the range of products which are produced and distributed under the license of the Company, being Asteria Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd.


INTRODUCTION This Program has been designed to promote the sale of Selected Products;


The Program allows a participant to acquire selected benefits from the BioDermal Skin Tech Range;


ELIGIBILITY TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PROGRAMME To be eligible to become a Participant in the Program a person must, at the time that s/he registers, be employed at a registered BioDermal Skin Tech Stockist;


Participants must comply with any other eligibility or registration requirements set out by  BioDermal Skin Tech from time to time by written notice;



The terms and conditions of this Agreement and, the Terms and Conditions, are applicable to Participants from the moment they register and by registering with the Respective BioDermal Skin Tech Representative, the Participant accepts all of such terms as valid and binding on him/her.

The following personal information is required in order to register for the Program, as set out in the registration form above:

First Name and Last Name;

Birth date;

Email address;

Mobile telephone number,


Name of the Business Registered as a BioDermal Skin Tech Stockist;

Name of the owner of the above mentioned business; 

How long you have been in the retail/beauty industry;


The Participant warrants that information provided by him/her is accurate and correct.

The Participant shall notify BioDermal Skin Tech in the event that their information changes and shall update changes of any of the information provided with their BioDermal Skin Tech Representative within 3 (three) days of any changes occurring.

When a Participant registers, he or she agrees to receive Communication about the Program.

By registering as a Participant, the Participant agrees that it shall hold in the strictest confidence and not disclose to any third party information acquired in connection with any aspect of services offered by the BioDermal Skin Tech. The participant shall notify BioDermal Skin Tech should the Participant discover any loss or unauthorised disclosure of information.


Any personal information or documents sent to the BioDermal Skin Tech will be deemed as confidential, as per the requirements of the POPI Act .



Cash out dates shall be indicated on the incentive card, at the onset, of the specific incentive cycle.

All incentives are to be cashed out on the dates specified on the incentive card.


All incentives have a value attributed to them as assigned by BioDermal Skin Tech. Incentive points are only allocated when an order is placed, processed and paid between 1 February and 25 April 2022. The incentive are non-transferable, non-alienatable and are not recognized as a negotiable instrument.


All values attributed to each tile shall be indicated per cycle and shall be at the discretion of BioDermal Skin Tech.

Unclaimed points shall expire, should they not be claimed on the last day of the cycle.

All items claimed shall be made available to the claimant within a reasonable time. In the event that the desired item is unavailable due to uncontrollable circumstances, the claimant will be prompted to select an alternative item. Items may vary from time to time at the companies discretion.


The Participant agrees that it will not hold BioDermal Skin Tech, and/or any of their affiliates liable and the Participant hereby fully indemnifies BioDermal Skin Tech or any of their affiliates, and holds BioDermal Skin Tech or any of their affiliates completely harmless, against all damages, claims and fines made against BioDermal Skin Tech or any of their affiliates, including all legal costs, to the extent to which such damages, claims and fines arise out of or are connected to any taxation relating to the Participants receipt, accumulation, transfer or spend of Incentives.


The Participant agrees that BioDermal Skin Tech may claw back or deduct,  Incentives earned on the sale of Selected Products where it is determined at any stage even after claims have been vetted that:

Fraud has occurred in regard to a claim in respect of that Selected Product;

The Selected Product is an Unavailable Product (meaning that including but not limited to: products upon which incentives have already been claimed against BioDermal Skin Tech or in terms of previous incentive schemes; items that are not for resale,

In any event if there is an error in the claims process which results in a Participant receiving an Incentive Reward to which he /she is not entitled.


TERMINATION This Agreement shall terminate, without liability to the Participant or any third party, immediately upon the Program being discontinued or suspended for any reason.


BioDermal Skin Tech reserves the right, to cancel the Participants registration and terminate this Agreement on one month’s notice without reason and/or for convenience.


BioDermal Skin Tech is entitled without notice, in addition to any other remedy available to it at law or under this Agreement, including obtaining an interdict, to cancel this Agreement, limit or deny such Participant use of the Portal and/or delete the Participant from the Program and/or services and/or suspend the Participant’s use of the services, and/or to claim specific performance of any obligation whether or not the due date for performance has arrived, in either event without prejudice to the BioDermal Skin Tech right to claim damages, should any Participant:

> Breach any terms in this Agreement,

> Provide any fraudulent or incorrect or incomplete information at any time,

> Be involved in any fraudulent conduct including perceived fraudulent conduct; infringe any statute, regulation, ordinance, or law.


BioDermal Skin Tech reserves the right to suspend or terminate, without notice, the Participants registration in the event that the Participant is no longer employed at the store that they are registered under, or if their role at the store changes to the extent that they are no longer eligible to participate.


The Participant shall cease to be eligible to participate further in the Program if suspension or termination or cancellation occurs, unless otherwise determined by BioDermal Skin Tech;


BioDermal Skin Tech shall not be liable to the Participant or any third party for any loss or damages caused in the event of the cancellation or termination or suspension of the Program or for the suspension or termination or cancellation of any Participant’s participation in the Program.


Each remedy shall be cumulative and in addition to every other remedy given hereunder or now or hereafter existing at law, by statute or otherwise. The election of any one or more remedy shall not constitute a waiver of the right to pursue any other remedy.

BioDermal Skin Tech reserves the right to take legal action and/or inform the Participant’s employer of any fraudulent activity on the Program.


Any Participant deleted from the Program or denied access to the Program due to fraud will be unable to re-join the Program.


SELECTED PRODUCTS A list of Selected Product’s will be made available by BioDermal Skin Tech Representative.

BioDermal Skin Tech rights are reserved to change the list of Selected Products and/or the pricing thereof from time to time.

BioDermal Skin Tech makes no warrantees about the Selected Products whatsoever or the availability thereof.

It is the sole responsibility of the Participant to regularly acquaint him/herself with the incentive.

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